Character Creation details as per the book except where noted here.

Race: Human or Mechalus


Characters start with the maximum amount of credits for their profession x10 unless you choose the dirt poor flaw which is treated as marginal with the max credits. Please refer to the table below:

Class Wealth Dirt Poor
Combat Spec 300 27
Diplomat 600 54
Free Agent 400 36
Tech Op 400 36
Mindwalker 200 18

Characters may start with a single free PL 8-9 personal item, while they do not start with a ship they will get one in the course of the game close to the start and may opt instead to give up this personal item for a PL 8-9 component on the ship.

The Ship begins with a single PL 9 component prior to anyone giving up an item and that component is the armour system.


The Empire before the fall: Progress Level 9

Current technology tracks for human worlds, this overrides the values listed in the Warships book.

Technology Level
Super Materials (S) 7
Gravity Manipulation (G) 7
Dark Matter (D) 7
Psi-Tech (P) 6
Anti-matter Tech (A) 6
Matter Coding (M) 6
Energy Transformation (X) 6
Computer Tech(C) 6
Matter Transmission (T) 6
Quantum Manipulation (Q) 6
Fusion Tech (F) 6