Kaedes II is one of the furthest colonies from the centre of the Old Empire, being 600 Light Years away from their ancestral home. The population consists of mostly Humans, but a small number of Mechalus, considered sub-human by the empire, they are now prized members of the settlement for their technical affinity.

Settlement Administration


  • Water
    • The ship provides water which is drawn up from underground sources and dispensed internally, externally the water is dispensed by large aircraft depositing the water into above ground tanks.
  • Electricity
    • Provided internally and externally
      • Work crews work on the lines externally, laying them underground and attaching them to external ports on the ship.
      • Internally all electricity is provided with minimal effort, even in berths which were converted to living quarters from other modules.
    • Power provided by a large Tachyonic Collider, though it long since ran out of capacity for the individuals needing its power, engineers have converted entire sections of the old ship into transformers to boost its power output.